Aerial surveying

Surveying the land with the latest technology: a Geocopter.


The first site plan is available.

Make a reservation for your plot.


Boats of any size are for rental in the nearby marina, with or without skipper.

A day or week, a must each visit. There are 1.000 islands waiting to be explored.

Cooperation with Falkensteiner

Day trip for the guests of the Falkensteiner Iadera Hotel Zadar.  

Starting signal

Building of an outdoor showroom with more than 20.000 sq m.

A letter from the government

Good things take time – after 7 years of waiting our bid for the land was accepted.

Project idea 2006

The changing landscape with recently planted olive trees all over the place inspired us to come up with this investment idea, the more so as the EU offered generous subsidies.